Happy Daddy Products™ presents:

The ultimate answer to your cleaning woes.pipe cleaning tools

Admit it, that glass smoking device you've been using is a real bitch to clean. In the past, there has been nothing designed to whisk away all the gunk that's accumulated in the bowl - only haphazard attempts using found materials like wire hangers and street cleaner bristles. Luckily, you no longer have to resort to such extreme measures, Happy Daddy Products now offers a nifty alternative for keeping both your glass and your fingertips clean.

If only your friends treated your glass this well, right? Happy Daddy Products' varsity lineup includes: The Pipe Pal, Bowl Buddy, Baby Buddah, Big Buddah, Grindson, Buddah Bomb and the F-Bomb.

Available in both 304 L Stainless Steel and Grade 2 Titanium, Happy Daddy Products has patented these neat-o tools that allow you to hygienically clean your favorite glassware without scratching. The double sided blade and poking tool makes sure all the gunk is gone.

Pipe cleanerStart believing in magic Cinderella, because we're about to make your dreams come true. We're the fairy godmother of the cleaning world. Each of these tools are designed to clean the residue from your favorite smoking device and can be used with or without your favorite cleanser.

Available worldwide through a number of retailers, Happy Daddy Products are coming soon to fine tobacco, smoking and glass shops near you.

Stay tuned because more items are on their way to our own groovy online store shelves, we just have to clear away the remaining debris from our current website construction and maintenance. In the meantime, you can click here to shop now for the Happy Daddy Products we have available, and know that more Happy is on the way!

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